New from Bellevue Literary Press: American Meteor


Each month, Lock contributes scenarios for art and video installations
to the English-language Austrian magazine, Visual Artbeat, read by museum curators,
gallery owners, and artists in Europe, the Middle East, and North America.




Above from Locus Novus’ Cirque du Calder, a text and animation project.


Hear Norman Lock read from Shadowplay as part of The Collagist’s podcast series here:


This is a scene from the play House of Correction performed at the Doug Warhit Acting Workshop on 7-29-08. It stars Oscar Jordan and Richard Gadas.


HYPERTEXTS (with music)

Cirque du Calder |

“By the Long Thread of Rancor Does She Drive Him from Her Heart” |

from Joseph Cornell’s Operas (with music) |